Huntsman Spiders

17th August 2012

Huntsman Spider - Sparassidae are typically known for their quick speed, flexibility and modes of hunting. Also called as Giant Crab Spider to emphasise their appearance and size. Their affinity for woody places such as the forest, mine shafts, woodpiles, wooden shacks, etc. has given them the nickname of Wood Spiders.

Such spiders are often confused with Baboon Spiders but in reality there is no inherent relation between these two Spiders.

Australia, Africa, Asia, the Mediterranean, and the Americas are the favorite homes of the Huntsman. Tropical hot spots are where you find them in abundance.

You will be awe struck by the 8 eyes of these insects. These creatures can grow up to 12 inches, as per their legspan. Huntsman Spiders legs are twisted in such a fashion that in some ways it seems to extend forward in a crab-like posture.

A Huntsman Spider is probably a legendary hunter of the Spider family and uses Venom to capture her prey and assist in digestion.

HuntsmanSpiders.com was registered today. We wanted a micro website dedicated to information on such Spiders but such a website was hard to find so this article space came along. It was about time we put together an online space with the latest information and views on the Hunter of Spiders.

The need for knowledge on Huntsman Spiders has greatly increased in recent times and this was what prompted us in starting this Spider website. We will be updating the website as and when we receive useful information about this wonderful insect.